Friday, September 18, 2009


Many of you may remember back in June when a group of teens in Sea-Tac, Wa attacked two woman and then forced their dog, Snaps, to bite by kicking and beating him. At first things looked very dismal for Snaps and as he was labeled a dangerous dog and scheduled for euthanasia. Many concerned citizens, including one of the victims, began pleading for his life to be spared.
Well, today he is finally safe and spending his first day of freedom at the Olympic Animal Sanctuary in Forks, Wa where he's finally experiencing love and compassion! Sparing Snaps life and allowing him to be loved and cared for is the greatest justice! And I'm so pleased that I'm able to share Snaps happy ending here. It's all I've been hoping for since June!
Please click on the link below to see Snaps at his new home. And thanks to everyone who stood up and fought for him! Please help spread the word for the Olympic Animal Sanctuary.

Also, another sanctuary, Smiling Dog Farms, was willing to give Snaps a furever home too. Please check them out and help support them. These sanctuaties are vital to saving many lives, like Snaps, that would otherwise be lost. They can't continue to help these animals without our support so please if you can make a donation please do.


  1. Wonderful news!! And thanks for the links, I had never heard of either of those organizations. Very cool!!!

  2. Thanks, I recently learned of them also. I got to know Smiling Dog Farms quite well, b/c they were the first sanctuary I contacted that was willing to take him. They even offered advice and tips on what to do to help save Snaps. They're really wonderful.

    And of course Olympic Animal Sanctuary is amazing for taking Snaps and allowing him to experience love and compassion probably for the first time!